CBSE 12th Syllabus 2020 – Download Syllabus Central Board of Secondary Education 2020

CBSE 12th Syllabus


The CBSE 12th Syllabus his published on the CBSE official board This includes subjects are Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Accountancy, Business Studies, History, Geography, Physics, and more subjects. it is a new syllabus for a session for the year 2020. A notice has been circulating for the new session. for these guidelines, students are best in the examination. This is a staging post, it was decided which you choose the Subject for the future.


Syllabus Central Board of Secondary Education 2020


All HBSE Students Should be Covered all important topics and subjects. So read HBSE 10th syllabus 2020 read. It is a very big structure for your understanding os we are providing the syllabus in a short interval of time. It is helpful for your understanding and simplified structure provides to you. we want to you understand better the syllabus and best scoring in examination.


Remember Points for CBSE 12th Syllabus


1. Subjects are upgraded as per new guidelines of NCERT, like Mathematics, Accounting, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and more.

2. All sample papers and online tests are also upgraded, according to New Syllabus.


Class-12 Physics CBSE Syllabus


Experimental & decision-making or appreciate the interface of physics with surroundings, it is the main motive and principal of this subject. its syllabus points are very interesting because we have an experiment, practical activities. it is divided into 15 chapters and 10 subunits. Theory is considered in 70 marks which include 30 marks for practical.

Unit 1st – Electrostatics
Unit 2nd – Current electricity
Unit 3rd – Magnetic effect of current and magnetism
Unit 4th – Electromagnetic induction and alternating current
Unit 5th – Electromagnetic waves
Unit 6th – Optics
Unit 7th – Dual nature of radiation and matter
Unit 8th – Atoms and nuclei
Unit 9th – Electronic devices
Unit 10th – Communication system Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Chemistry CBSE Syllabus


Chemistry is related to the chemical reactions, experiments, and formula of organic & inorganic. Some major points of Chemistry CBSE Syllabus. it includes 16 chapters which carry 70 marks and 30 marks for rest is for practical. Some important chapters in 12 Chemistry have included electrochemistry, d and f block elements, Haloalkanes and haloarenes, Alcohol, phenols and ethers, Aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acid and polymers. You obtain the best marks in the examination so you can read the Chemistry CBSE Syllabus carefully. Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Biology CBSE Syllabus


The principle of biology understands it includes population, environment, ecosystem, and development. it is the main unit of life and living organism. This includes 5 units further the units divided into 15 chapters. The theory carried 70 marks. CBSE includes units they are Reproduction, Genetics and Evolution, Biology and human welfare, Biotechnology and its applications, Ecology, and environment. Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Mathematics CBSE Syllabus


Mathematics includes develop an ability to think, analyze and articulate this subject is kept on top. Mathematics is considered theorems and formulae, therefore you have to abide by the upgraded syllabus to avoid any overlapping of excluded topics. Mathematics CBSE Syllabus has 6 units.

Unit 1st – Relations and functions -10 marks
Unit 2nd – Algebra -13 marks
Unit 3rd – Calculus -44 marks
Unit 4th – Vectors and 3D geometry- 17 marks
Unit 5th – Linear programming- 6 marks
Unit 6th – Probability- 10 marks. Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Accountancy CBSE Syllabus


Accountancy CBSE Syllabus divided into 3 Parts, first Accounting for partnership firms & companies, Second Financial statements analysis and last Project work. You can choose part second and last. Theory marks are 80 and Project work is 20 marks. Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Economics CBSE Syllabus


Two parts in Economics CBSE Syllabus first is Introductory Microeconomics and second Introductory Macroeconomics. Each part has 5 Units who completed 100 marks. budget, money, and banking, the economic market, demand, and supply understand they all before completely understood the question. Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Business studies CBSE Syllabus


Business studies divided into 3 parts, First Part is Principle & function of management. it has 8 Units for which obtain 50 marks. The second Part is Business finance & marketing. it has 4 Units the obtain 30 Marks. The last and third part is project work for 20 marks. it includes Management, Business, Finance, Marketing, and Planning are the major topics of Business studies. Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 English CBSE Syllabus


This syllabus divided into 3 Sections with subsections. We mention all new topics with descriptions. Some important points are available here.

Section (i) Reading comprehension contains questions from Very small answer types, discursive passages, factual passages, & literary passages.

Section (ii) Long answer type, Writing skill short type, letter type, and very long answer type question.

Section (iii) Literature & extended reading texts contain questions from textbooks. Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Hindi CBSE Syllabus


Hindi New CBSE Syllabus is all questions and answers to the definition. here these structures with the marking system, with reference books are given below-

Aroh part-2, Vitaan part-2, Abhivyakti Aur madhyam Published by NCERT.

Section – 1 – Apathit Ansh, 20 marks.
Section – 2 – Karyalayi Hindi or Rachnatmak Lekhan, 25 marks
Section – 3 – Pathyapustak, 55 marks Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 History CBSE Syllabus


History has been 3 parts includes 15 Units and last unit 16 works as a map. 20 marks have reserved for project work and 5 Marks reserved to map work. it is Growth-full in General Knowledge.

Unit: 1 Themes in Indian history part 1 is 25 marks
Unit: 2 Themes in Indian history part 2 is 25 marks
Unit: 3 Themes in Indian history part 3 is 25 marks Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Political science CBSE Syllabus


Knowing the different layers of the political system of this country for Political science. We are provided with a simple syllabus structure for the students. Two parts of 50 marks are mentioned here. First Part is Contemporary World Politics, It has 9 units. Second Part Politics in India since Independence, It has 9 units. Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Geography CBSE Syllabus


The Subject is working as a catalyst, includes the inclusion of project & map work with the subject is playing an important role in imparting a sense of geographical activity & things surround us. Complete Syllabus divided into 3 parts. Details are given which important.

1st Part is Fundamentals of human geography, it has 5 Units and includes map work. it carries 35 Marks.

The second Part is People & the economy, it has 5 Units and includes map work. it carries 35 Marks.

The 3rd Part is Practical work it is Carries marks 30. Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Sociology CBSE Syllabus


The social aspects and its impact on society to understand the CBSE this subject is introduced. Social inequality, Cultural Diversity, Globalization, and Social change are the main topics that are to be learned thoroughly. The syllabus of sociology It has 2 units.

(i) Indian Society: which is subdivided into 7 chapters and contains 32 marks for this section.
(ii) Change and development in Indian society: which has 8 chapters that conclude 48 marks.

Viva-voce will be of 20 marks. Download Pdf File Click Now


Class-12 Home science CBSE Syllabus


The syllabus divided into 6 units for 70 marks and practical marks is 30. Important topics of the syllabus are here – Human development, Nutrition during the life span, Money management, and consumer education, Community development and Career after home science education. The subject with to impart knowledge of nutrition, Money management, community development during the life span. Download Pdf File Click Now


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