Finding the Most Popular IGCSE Schools in Greater Noida

Finding the Most Popular IGCSE Schools in Greater Noida

International General Certificate of Secondary Education, formally called the IGCSE, is the most popular English language-based examination board of education, controlled and managed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The board is tried, tested, and trusted by schools worldwide. There are many private and public schools in India affiliated with the IGCSE, United Kingdom. Everyone should go for children’s admissions in the IGCSE-affiliated schools because the board gives a straightforward path on where to go for tertiary education. Here, I will talk about the best IGCSE schools located in Greater Noida.

Check out the list of the famous IGCSE schools in Greater Noida.

Learners International School

Location: Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Learners International School aims to provide a world-class learning experience. The school is also best for providing education from nursery to grade 12th. If you like the IGCSE School, then I would recommend it to you as Learners International School provides an excellent education. The academic programs for this school are designed to teach children the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that will well prepare them for success in society.

GD Goenka International School

Location: Plot no 232, Knowledge Park – V, Greater Noida (west), Uttar Pradesh, India

GD Goenka International School is another best school for those people who find the IGCSE School in India. The school ranking in the list of top ten IGCSE schools in India. It was started by Shri Anjani Kumar Goenka that is a noted businessman-industrialist. Many students come to this school to study because the school creates and provides a global educational environment.

Kothari International

Location: Greater Noida (west), Uttar Pradesh, India

Kothari International is a modern educational institution offering a dual curriculum based on international teaching standards. The school has many elements designed to develop the cognitive and affective skills of children. The school also gives an extra edge to children’s keen on developing their skills beyond academics. You can choose it for your children’s education because it has many basic infrastructural facilities like air-conditioning, a sports complex, well-equipped computer rooms, a swimming pool, etc.

Alliance World School

Location: C-54A, Sector 56, Noida, (U.P.), India

If you are discovering the best School in Greater Noida, then Alliance World School is to you. Alliance World School is a progressive school affiliated with the University of Cambridge International Assessment Examinations (CAIE). The school creates and provides an excellent educational environment for the students. The school has expert teachers and coaches, excellent sports infrastructure, and a variety of co-curricular activities that help students discover their talents and develop holistically.

Pathways World School

Location: Sector 100 Noida, UP

Pathways World School is a Coed Day school located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is affiliated with the International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). The school offers the best education from grades 10th to 12th. It is the best senior secondary private school, controlled and managed by Pathways Group of Schools.

You can consider it for your children’s education because it aims to create and develop an excellent educational environment for the students.


These IGCSE schools are known for creating, developing, and providing the best educational environment to the students. However, the admission process of these schools can be different from one to another.

I request you to check the official website of these schools for more information because I have mentioned the limited information about these IGCSE schools in greater Noida.