PSEB Board 12th Syllabus 2020 – Download Syllabus Punjab School Education Board 2020

PSEB Board 12th Syllabus


Punjab board Candidates go through the new latest PSEB Board 12th Syllabus. By this, you know about many new subjects and important topics. Punjab Board (PSEB) 12th syllabus for Punjabi, Maths, Computer, English, & EVS are the same for Commerce, Arts, & Science stream Candidates. The syllabus of PSEB Class 12th distribution of marks & number specifies the unit wise & chapter-wise. So candidates can prepare for PSEB 12th exams. The Punjab board 12th exams conducted on 3 March to 27 March 2020.


Download Syllabus Punjab School Education Board 2020


Exams 2 months before, Candidates should covert all topics and PSEB 12th Syllabus. it is spare time Can for revision & practice. PSEB Board 12th Syllabus 2020 of class 12th for Arts, Science, Commerce, & Vocational stream, given under you can read and know complete all information about the PSEB syllabus. Candidates are should be practice for all subjects of the 12th syllabus. according to the 12th syllabus, students prepare an examination of Punjab 12th Board. though this improves your score and best marks obtain in the examination.


Plan of PSEB Syllabus of 2020 of 12th Class


1. Each candidate will have available for the exam Four compulsory subjects.
2. Candidates will have to choose any 3 elective subjects of science and arts.
3. Candidates will have to choose four elective subjects of Commerce.
4. Candidates can choose the Computer or Mathematics Application Form as additional subjects.
5. Candidates of Arts can choose an additional from the subjects of in-group.
6. Candidates of Science also choose Home Science, Biology, Maths, Economics, Geography, as an additional subject.


Compulsory Subjects of Syllabus


* General English

* General Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture

* Environmental Education

* Computer Science


PSEB Board 12th Syllabus Elective Subjects


 Arabic  German Russian



 Sanskrit French  Korean



Urdu Persian  Economics

 Political Science

Business Organisation and Management

Sociology  Religion Gurmat Sangeet

 Dance ( Tabla)

Book – Keeping and Accountancy

Public Administration Music (Vocal) Music (Instrumental)



 Psychology  Geography  Modeling and Sculpture

 Home Science


Defense Studies  Education, Media Studies  Insurance

Drawing and Painting

 Commercial Art

 Geometrical Perspective and Architectural Drawing History and Appreciation of Art  Physical Education & Sport  Rural Development and Environment


 Sanskrit French  Korean



Science Group



 Biology Biotechnology, Elements of Electronics Engineering
 Chemistry Geology

Computer Application


Commerce Group


 Business Studies II

Business Economics & Quantitative Methods –2  Accountancy-2, Fundamental of e-Business
 Business Studies II Business Economics & Quantitative Methods –2

 Accountancy-2, Fundamental of e-Business


Download PSEB Syllabus of 2020 of 12th class, How?


Candidates can download the subject-wise Punjab Board 12th Class syllabus using the visit to the PSEB class 12 syllabus 2020 official website and download the syllabus in PDF file. Click Here


  • 12th class Syllabus of English


Section A (Chapter for Intensive study)


Hassan’s Attendance Problem by Sudha Murthy: The March King by Katherine Little Bakeless

Thinking Out of the Box – Lateral Thinking: Robots & People by Isaac Asimov

On Giving Advice by Joseph Addison: On Saying ‘Please’ by A. G. Gardiner

The Story of My Life by Helen Keller: Two Gentlemen of Verona A. J. Cronin

In Celebration of Being Alive by Dr. Christian Barnard: Gadari Babas in Kalapani Jail by Dr.Harish Puri


Section B (Poetry)


Prayer of the Woods: On Friendship by Khalil Gibran

The Echoing Green by William Blake: Once upon a Time by Gabriel Okara

Cheerfulness Taught by Reason-Elizabeth Barret Browning: Father Returning Home by Dilip Chitre

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost: On His Blindness by John Milton


Section C (Lessons for Extensive study)


The School for Sympathy by E. V. Lucas: A Chameleon by Anton Chekhov

Bholi by K. A. Abbas: The Gold Frame by R. K. Luxman

The Barber’s Trade Union by Mulk Raj Anand: The Bull beneath the Earth by K. S. Virk


Section D (Grammar & Composition)


Grammar: Composition

Determiners: Précis writing

Use of Non-finite (Gerunds, Infinitives, Participles): Letter writing (Official, Business, To Editors)

Transformation of Sentences: Application

Voice: Explaining Newspaper Headline

Narration: E-Mail writing


  • Syllabus of Maths 12th Class

Visit the PSEB official website and choose the section of the syllabus then after clicking the 12th syllabus option and download the Maths syllabus Pdf file. Download Here


  • 12th Class Syllabus of Computer Science


Chapter Name

No. of questions


Revision of 11th Class



Uses of String Function



User-Defined Functions



Windows Movie Maker – 1



Windows Movie Maker – 2



Networking Resolution



Library Functions










  • 12th class syllabus Punjabi

Visit the PSEB official website and choose the section of the syllabus then after clicking the 12th syllabus option and download the Punjabi syllabus Pdf file. Download Here


  • 12th class syllabus EVS

Visit the PSEB official website and choose the section of the syllabus then after clicking the 12th syllabus option and download the EVS syllabus Pdf file. Download Here


  • 12th class syllabus Physics


Unit Name

No. of Questions





Current Electricity



Magnetic effects of current & magnetism



Electromagnetic Induction and current



Electromagnetic waves






Dual nature of matter



Atoms and Nuclei



Electronics devices



Communication Systems



Total Marks




  • 12th class syllabus Chemistry

Visit the PSEB official website and choose the section of the syllabus then after clicking the 12th syllabus option and download the Chemistry syllabus Pdf file. Download Here


  • 12th class syllabus Biology


Unit Name Chapter Included Marks
Reproduction Reproduction in organisms 1
Sexual reproduction in flowering plants 7
Human Reproduction 2
Reproductive health 4
Genetics and Evolution Heredity and variation 5
Molecular Basis of Inheritance 9
Evolution 2
Biology and Human Welfare Human Health and Disease 6
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production 5
Microbes in human welfare 2
Biotechnology and its applications Biotechnology: Principles and processes 6
Biotechnology and its applications 7
Ecology and environment Organisms and populations 2
Ecosystem 7
Biodiversity and Conservation 4
Environmental issues 1


  • 12th class syllabus Business Studies-II

Visit the PSEB official website and choose the section of the syllabus then after clicking the 12th syllabus option and download the Business Studies-II syllabus Pdf file. Download Here


  • 12th class syllabus Accountancy II


Section A (Part-I)


Accounting for not for profit organization: Accounting for partnership

Reconstitution or partnership: Dissolution of partnership firm


Section B (Part-II)


Accounting for share capital & debentures: Analysis of financial statements

Statement of changes in financial position

Section C (Part-III)


Overview of computerized accounting system: Using a computerized accounting system

Accounting using DBMS: Accounting application of the electronic spreadsheet


  • 12th class syllabus Business Economics & Quantitative Methods-II


Part-1 (Business Statistics)

Unit Name: Chapters Included/ Topics


Measures of Central Tendency: Arithmetic Median, Mean, & Mode


Measures of Dispersion And Skewness: Measures of Dispersion (Percentile, Mean, Quartile, Decile, Range, Standard Deviation, Deviation, etc.), Measures of Skewness(meaning, Relative Measures, Absolute Measures, & Coefficient of Skewness)


Index Number: Meaning, Uses, Features, & Problems of Construction of Index No., Choice of base for Computing Index Numbers, Methods of Construction of Cost of Living Index Numbers, Index Number, Base Shifting


Correlation & Regression Analysis: Meaning, Types of Correlation, Regression Lines, Significance, Methods of Correlation, Preparation of Regression quotient.


Part-2 (About Macroeconomics)


Unit Name: Chapters Included/ Topics


National Income & Related Aggregates: Basic Concepts, Aggregates related to National Income GDP, Circular Flow of Income, NDP, GNP, NNP, Personal Income and Personal Disposable Income, National Disposable Income (Gross & Net) Private Income, etc.

Determination of Income and Employment: Aggregate Demand & Supply, Propensity to Consume & Save, Excess & Deficient Demand, Determination of Income & Employment, etc


Money and Banking: Money, Central Bank, Supply of Money, Commercial Banks, etc.


Government Budget and the Economy: Government Budget, Classification of Expenditure, Classification of Receipts, Balanced Budget-Surplus Budget & Deficit Budget, Fiscal Deficit & Primary Deficit, Revenue Deficit, etc.


Balance of Payments: Foreign Exchange Rate, Balance of Payment Accounts, Determination of Exchange Rate in a Free Market, etc.


  • 12th class syllabus Fundamentals of E-Business


Unit Name Chapter Included
Fundamental of Information Technology Concepts & Scope of IT, Computer Hardware & Software, Introduction to operating system, CPU, & Internet.
Introduction to Electronic Commerce Features, Meaning, Functions, & Benefit of E-Commerce, E-Commerce in India, Types of E-Commerce, etc.
E-Payments Requirements of E-Payment System, Transaction through Internet, Smart Cards, Electronic Cash, Credit Card Solutions, Debit Card, etc.
E-Security Defection and Recovery, Areas of Internet Security, Access Control, Electronic Signature, Authentication Precaution for Secure ECommerce.
E-Banking Meaning, Importanœ & Types of E-Banking Services. Status of E-Banking in India, Process of E-Banking.
E-Trading Meaning & Importance of E-Trading, Status of E-Trading in India, Operational Aspects of E-Trading,
E-Marketing 4Ps of E-Marketing, Concept of E-Marketing, Status of E-Marketing in India, etc.


  • 12th class syllabus Class History


Sources of the History of Punjab. Guru Hargobind Ji and Transformation of Sikhism.
Political, Social and Economic Conditions of Punjab at the beginning of the 16th Century. Guru Har Rai Ji & Guru Har Krishan Ji
Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s life and His Teachings. Guru Teg Bahadur Ji and His Martyrdom.
Development of Sikhism under Guru Angad Dev Ji, Guru Amar Das Ji and Guru Ram Das Ji. Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the foundation of Khalsa, His battles and His personality.
Banda Singh Bahadur.
Abdus Samad Khan, Zakaria Khan and Mir Mannu, Their relations with the Sikhs. Anglo-Sikh Relations (1800-1839).
Rise of the Dal Khalsa & its mode of Fighting. Shri Ranjit Singh’s relations with Afganistan & his N.W.F. Policy.
Social and Economic Conditions of Punjab under the Mughals. Civil & Military Administration of Ranjit Singh.
Invasions of Ahmed Shah Abdali and disintegration of Mughal rule in Punjab. Character & Personality of Ranjit Singh.
Origin & Growth of the Sikh Misls & their nature of organization. First Anglo-Sikh War – Causes & Results.
Ranjit Singh’s Career and Conquests. Second Anglo-Sikh War – Causes & Results, Annexation of Punjab.
Part-C (Map)
Battles of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. First Anglo-Sikh War.
Important Battles of Banda Singh Bahadur. Second Anglo-Sikh War.
Ranjit Singh’s kingdom.
  • 12th class syllabus Economics Syllabus


Unit name Chapters/Topics
Part-A (Introductory Micro Economics)
Introduction Meaning of Micro Economics, Central Problems of an Economy,  etc
Consumer Behaviour and Demand Theory of Demand, Consumer’s Equilibrium, Price Elasticity of Demand
Producer Behaviour and Supply Concepts of Costs, Production, Theory of Supply, & Producer’s Equilibrium, Revenue.
Forms of Market & Price Determination Forms of Market, Price Determination under Perfect Competition
Part-B (Introductory Macro Economics)
National Income and Related Aggregate Measurement of National Income, Macro Economics
Determination of Income and Employment. Aggregate Demand & Supply, Propensity to Consume & Save, Problems of Excess & Deficient Demand, etc
Money and Banking Central Bank, Money, Commercial Banks, reforms & issues in Indian Banking System, etc.
Government Budget and the Economy Budget Receipts, Government Budget, Budget Expenditure, Surplus Budget, Balance Budget, and Deficit Budget, etc.
Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments. Balance of Payment Accounts, Foreign Exchange Rate, etc.
  • 12th class syllabus Political Science Syllabus


Chapters of Part-A (Political Theory)
Political System Some major contemporary Political Theories
Bureaucracy (Civil Services) Electorate
Public opinion Party System
Interest and Pressure Groups
Chapters of Part-B (Indian Political System)
Indian Democracy Democracy at Grass root
Party System in India Electoral System
National Integration Foreign Policy of India
India and the World


  • 12th class syllabus Sociology Syllabus


Unit Name Chapter Included
Tribal, Rural & Urban Societies in India Tribal Society
Rural Society
Urban Society
Inequalities in Indian Society Caste Inequalities
Class Inequalities
Gender Inequalities
Structural and Cultural Change in India Westernization and Sankritisation
Modernization and Globalisation
Social Movement
Social Problems in Indian Society Social Problems
Violence Against Women
Social Issues


  • 12th class syllabus Geography Syllabus


Unit Name Chapter/Topics Included
Nature & Scope of Geography & its branches Radical & postmodern geography, Geographical thoughts,  all branches of Geography in brief, etc.
Human resources Determinants of population change, Population, Human development concept, Human Settlement, etc.
Economic Geography: Pattern of Economic Activities Gathering; pastora, Geographical distribution of major crops in India, etc. Primary Activities: Concept of changing trends;
Secondary Activities: Manufacturing types, Concept, Distribution of resources & their conservation, Industries: Types, Distribution of selective industries, etc.
Tertiary Activities: Quinary Services, Quaternary activities, etc.
Transport, Communication & Trade Land transport, Air Transport, Water Transport, Oil and Natural Gas pipelines, International & National trade, etc.
Practical Work Types of data, Representation of data, Thematic Maps, Data analysis and generation of diagrams graphs, Field Studies and Land Use survey, Satellite Communication, etc


  • 12th class syllabus 12th Class for Other Subjects
Physical Education Computer Application
Punjabi Elective Business Organisation and Management
Hindi Elective Agriculture
English Elective Public Administration
Defence Studies Philosophy
Psychology Book Keeping and Accountancy
Home Science