Top Popular International Boarding Schools in India

Top Popular International Boarding Schools in India

India has many popular international boarding schools for students. They offer global pedagogy education to students. The present level of pedagogy not only demands the traditional learning values but also provides an excellent environment for study. Are you searching for the best international boarding school in India for global pedagogy education? If yes, check this page below as we mentioned below a list of the top popular international boarding schools in India 2022.

UWC Mahindra College, Pune

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

UWC Mahindra College is the best international boarding school known for providing remarkable education. It offers education from nursery to grade 12. It aims to develop an environment that focuses on the holistic development of children. Established in 1997, the school provides many ample infrastructures and facilities.

Kodaikanal International School, Kodiakanal

Location: Kodiakanal, Tamil Nadu

One of the top international boarding schools in India, Kodaikanal International School offers education, especially pedagogy education. Established in 1901, the school is famous for having excellent facilities and infrastructures. It aims to prepare students to face the challenges of life.

The International School, Bangalore

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

International School Bangalore is among the best international boarding schools across India. If you search for the best international boarding school in India, it can be considered excellent. The schools offer high-quality education to children. The school stands tall among the finest international boarding schools in Bangalore. We recommend that you use online means for more information about it.

The Doon School, Dehradun

Location: Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Doon School Dehradun is another famous international boarding school in India founded in 1935. The school aims to help students gain a global perspective and visionary thinking. Being one of the most residential schools in Dehradun offering IB education, the school accepts applications from Indian children with overseas students. In addition, it helps students to discover and pursue other interests with equal enthusiasm.

Good Shepherd International School, Ooty

Location: Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Good Shepherd International School Ooty is the best fully residential, international co-educational school that provides high-quality education to children with overseas students. Founded by the noble vision of late Dr. P.C. Thomas and Mrs in 1977, it focuses on academic and co-curricular excellence affiliated with the IB and IGCSE. In addition, it provides an excellent environment to students that make them successful men in their life.

The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Being one of the most international boarding schools across India, Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad is famous for its multicultural student community and a well-qualified team of teachers. The school aims to cater standardized education to children that can equip them for a prosperous love featured by service and leadership. In addition, it provides impressive infrastructure and facilities to young minds.

Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jayshree Periwal International School is the best international boarding school providing quality education from XI to XII. The school focuses on developing intellectual and highly technical skills. It is famous for its infrastructures and facilities, that’s why parents consider it for their children.

SGVP International School, Ahmedabad

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

SGVP International School Ahmedabad is one of the famed International boarding schools. Inspired by the Gurukul learning approach, the school has been providing quality education since 1999. It is also famous for providing sports facilities and well-trained coaches to provide continuous guidance.

In Conclusion:

Thus, we can say above all the international boarding schools are famous for providing quality education with facilities. In addition, the admission fees are affordable for every people. We recommend you to use online means to know more details.