Ambitus World School

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  • Address: Survey No:76, 1B, IRR, Gunadala, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520004
  • Year Established: 2013
  • Contact Person: P.Sudha Sri Devi
  • Contact No: 9640461111

Ambitus World School Who We Are

Do you know about Ambitus World School? Ambitus World School is one of the best schools in Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh.

Ambitus’ lead teachers are certified with degrees that are approved by international educational bodies. To make teaching impactful and effective, all classrooms are equipped. Teachers are as important as the curriculum, and the competent and qualified teaching fraternity of Ambitus has vast experience in CAIE and CBSE programs.

At Ambitus, it recommends and encourages children to go beyond academics, as it needs to be supplemented with activities of their interest. The students of Ambitus are exposed to the practical application of scientific theories and analysis in everyday life.

Ambitus World Schools offers unique trans-disciplinary international programs designed to further the all-around development of the individual student, with a balanced blend of social, physical, emotional, and cultural needs as well as academic excellence.

At Ambitus, students are provided multiple opportunities to perform and fine-tune their innate abilities. The focus is to blend curriculum with creative work so as to provide individual competence as well as hands-on experience. Physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development is strategized into well-defined programs, conducted house-wise for the complete evolution of a child.

The school will be/is associated with academicians, reputed institutions, and organizations from across the world, to bring the best in educational practices through exchange programs. Children have access to the latest infrastructure and educational practices that are appropriate to the intellectual needs required to compete globally.

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Address - Survey No:76, 1B, IRR, Gunadala, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520004