Brown Cambridge School

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  • Address: 5 Kasturba Road, Dalanwala Dehradun – 248001, Uttarakhand, India
  • Year Established: 1926
  • Contact Person: S. K. Tyagi
  • Contact No: +91-6395114363

Brown Cambridge School Who We Are

Do you know about  Brown Cambridge School Brown Cambridge School is the best school in DehradunUttarakhand 

Colonel Brown Cambridge School for Indian Boys was founded in March 1926, by Col. and Mrs. W. Brown, for Indian boys. It is an English Medium Residential School and is open to all boys irrespective of caste, creed, or social status. The school ranks high amongst educational Institutions in India and is one of the best ICSE Schools in Dehradun. It attracts students not only from all parts of India but also from parents living abroad. 

The school holds a very rigid policy as far as admission tests to the entrance classes are concerned. A child is admitted to the school purely based on merit and recommendations of any kind debar him from admission to the school.

The motto of the school “MAGNA EST VERITAS” is the symbol and guiding light for the future generations to come. The Latin phrase means “TRUTH IS GREAT”. The crest denotes the initials of the school: on the top right is the lion, which represents courage, the shamrock, the national symbol of Ireland, and the torch, symbolic of learning. 

Being amongst the best boarding schools in Dehradun, India, Col Brown provides a residential school experience like no other. Providing students with a range of facilities, Col Brown is one of the reputed boarding schools in Dehradun.

The school aims to provide students with a holistic experience that will help them grow into respected individuals. While being an ICSE School in Dehradun, ensure that each student can cope with the curriculum and is given individual attention. this school is one of the top boy’s schools in Dehradun for the quality of education provided. 

This school is known for its library, yoga activities, classrooms, playground, debate competitions, sports day, music competition, education tours, dancing activities, drawing competition, summer camp, festival celebrations, etc. 

Students are not just trained in academics, but also sports and extracurriculars, making us a top boarding school in Dehradun. Being a residential school in Dehradun, this school ensures that student’s mental health is also taken care of, along with their physical health. 

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Address - 5 Kasturba Road, Dalanwala Dehradun – 248001, Uttarakhand, India