BS International School, Electronic city

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  • Address: 228/4, S. Bingipura, Electronics City Phase-1, Bengaluru 560105 INDIA
  • Year Established: 2016
  • Contact Person: Jayanthi N
  • Contact No: 7406011012

BS International School, Electronic city Who We Are

Do you know about BS International School, Electronic City? BS International School is the one of the best school in Bangalore Karnataka.

BS International School is full- fledged, high – achieving, co-educational international school established 2016. The school offers central board of secondary education (CBSE) syllabus from primary to high school and Montessori curriculum for preschool. With an aim to offer world-class educational opportunities for girls and boys.

Hyder Vali is the chairman, Jagdeesh R.P. is the director and Jayanthi N is the principle of BS International School

Passion drives our faculty here at BSIS. Passion to provide the best platform for our students to take off into the world of business and achieve new heights. The focus at BSIS is to help translate potential into possibilities and enable every one of our students achieve success in any environment across the world.

Lawns, landscaped gardens and playgrounds surround the building, which houses modern classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories. Terrace gardens and an atrium provide a welcoming and stimulating environment for learning. Color, space and light combine to enhance the rooms, the corridors and the labs. From the entrance to the building, each inch is a reflection of the school's aspiration to provide a sound base from which students will rise to great heights.

The School has 36 classrooms on campus. Every classroom has a public address system, digital clocks, display and writing boards, lockers for students, custom made furniture, and a provision for broadband Internet connection, multimedia support and air conditioning.

BS International School has been giving the best result in the Bangalore Karnataka, teaching BS International School students while teaching them to be in discipline.

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Address - 228/4, S. Bingipura, Electronics City Phase-1,  Bangalore 560105 INDIA