Central Academy

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  • Address: J5C2+C7F, Vishwanath Mandir Marg, Anand Nagar, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001
  • Year Established: 1978
  • Contact Person: Dr. Sangam Prasad Mishra
  • Contact No: 01572 256 337

Central Academy Who We Are

Do you know about Central Academy? Central Academy is one of the best schools in siker Rajasthan.

Central Academy was Established in 1978. From starting, they had strong roots in CBSC School English & Hindi Medium from all classrooms. The name of the chairman of the school is Dr. Sangam Prasad Mishra and this school is located at  J5C2+C7F, Vishwanath Mandir Marg, Anand Nagar, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001

This school is known for its library, yoga activities, classrooms, playground, debate competitions, sports day, music competition, education tours, dancing activities, drawing competition, summer camp, festival celebrations, etc. 

The purpose of this school is to provide a safe, happy environment for your child, where they are able to be themselves while acquiring the educational foundation needed to achieve

TodaCentral Academy is held in high esteem for having created a micro-community that: Respects cultural diversity and unifies all under one vision and mission and Is dynamic and evolving in nature, encouraging innovation, and Developing a love for inquiry-based learning through student-led pedagogues., Promotes positive communication and healthy collaboration.

Central Academy is proud of its student-led curriculum that is engaging as well as a carefully thought program to refine the personality of the child – are the unique propositions endeavors to offer.

This school wants children, and students, to leave Central Academy not only with the best possible academic qualifications and with the key skills essential for success in Higher Education and the world of work but also with the personal qualities and interests necessary for a happy & fulfilling life and responsible citizenship.

In addition to studying the students in the school (Central Academy), we also make them aware of the social environment, our effort is to make the children get good knowledge and become cultured members of their families.

If you are wanted your skill group and read of best School (Central Academy ), so please complete fast registration and group your ability. School information is given.

Address -  J5C2+C7F, Vishwanath Mandir Marg, Anand Nagar, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001