Central Public School Chapra | Best CBSE Schools In Chapra Bihar

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  • Address: Vikas Nagar Chandmari Road, Chapra, Bihar
  • Year Established: 1994
  • Contact Person: Mr. Murari Singh
  • Contact No: 9430333000

Central Public School Who We Are

Do you know about Central Public School? Central Public School is one of the best schools in Chhapra Bihar.

CPS, Chapra is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi (CBSE), and has been able to provide a perfect blend of academics, sports, and co-curricular activities for all the students from Standard I  to XII since its inception. The drive is still on. Today, the school is a known and highly valued educational establishment in the region. The efforts and passion to ideate and innovate have not ceased, thus keeping complacency at bay.

CPS has carved a landmark in the region with flexibility, an organic approach, and a progressive attitude as key tenets. What the CPS Group has always focussed on is the highest quality standards of education. Each school operating under the tutelage of the CPS Group works continuously on providing quality and contemporary education with an improvement drive intact. Each school has emerged as a bright star with the intensity of brightness soaring with the passage of time.

The mission of the school is to provide suitable platforms to the students so that they stay fully motivated and highly focused, hence growing holistically and excelling in different walks of life. To create such situations and introduce such measures that the students grow into more confident, responsible, and vibrant Global Citizens.

The vision of the school is to transform the school into a global Centre of Excellence in true spirits where the students and teachers of different nationalities and regions gain and obtain the best possible experiences and exposure in terms of various kinds of learning through the most effective tools, techniques, and interventions so that the true scope and depth of education can be fully gauged and optimally utilized.

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Address - Vikas Nagar Chandmari Road, Chapra, Bihar