Chettinad Vidyashram

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  • Address: Rajah Annamalai puram Chennai – 600 028 Tamilnadu
  • Year Established: 1986
  • Contact Person: Dr. Amudha Lakshmi
  • Contact No: 04424938040

Chettinad Vidyashram Who We Are

Do you know about Chettinad Vidyashram? Chettinad Vidyashram is one of the best schools in Chennai Tamilnadu

Chettinad Vidyashram was Established in 1986. From starting, they had strong roots in CBSC School English & Hindi Medium from the classroom. The name of the principal of the school is Dr. Amudha Lakshmi and this school is located at Rajah Annamalai Puram Chennai – 600 028 Tamilnadu

The school is set amidst natural surroundings. The school is intent on developing a new technique in education, a method for drawing out the talents latent in the child. This would be achieved through the promotion of creative activities encouraged by the teachers fostered with love and kindness. 

Children are trained in the following co-curricular activities: Swimming, Dance & Music, Pony riding, Playpen, Cycling, and K.G Lab, Bunny, Storytelling, Audio Visual room & English Lab.  Planned field trip helps in the teaching–learning process.

 This school provided a platform for children to showcase their talents and join hands with their friends from the neighborhood schools promising more accomplishments in the times to come.

The motto of the school is to attain discipline without distaste & to exercise freedom with responsibility.

The aim of the school is to inculcate in the wards respect for roots and nurture ancient art, culture & tradition in all their purity & variety, and to lead them into the future through methodical dissemination of scientific knowledge.

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Address  - Rajah Annamalai Puram Chennai – 600 028 Tamilnadu