Gyan Peethika School

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  • Address: Jira Basti, Near Janeshwar Mishra Park, Ballia, U.P. Ballia, 277001
  • Year Established: 1993
  • Contact Person: Admission Counsellor
  • Contact No: 8400397280

Gyan Peethika School Who We Are

Do you about Gyan Peethika School? Gyan Peethika School is one of the best schools in Ballia Uttar Pradesh

The Gyan Peethika School was founded in 1993 with the principal objective of creating leaders for tomorrow. The school offers education for all age groups ranging from nursery to higher secondary.

Classes started from 1st to 12th.they have a relevant number of class rooms, composite science lab, physics lab, computer lab etc.

The number of children in each class is 45 approximately and is as per CBSE affiliation guidelines.

Gyan Peethika School is the oldest CBSE affiliated school in Ballia and has been continuously engaged in providing quality education to the locality. This is facilitated by dedicated educators who are trained to channelize their energy and resources towards pupil-centered qualitative learning with character, values, innovation and knowledge.

The school has been on a mission to learn, advocate, and train school teachers through a cross silo network of educators, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and policy-makers who believe in the power of technology and learner-centric innovation in achieving our goals in education. The school’s vision is to share its best practices in teaching 21st-century skills and be a voice of encouragement to other practitioners.

Gyan Peethika School has been giving the best result in the Ballia Uttar Pradesh, teaching Gyan Peethika School students while teaching them to be in discipline.

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Address - Jira Basti, Near Janeshwar Mishra Park, Ballia, U.P. Ballia, 277001