Happy Model School

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  • Address: B2, JANAK PURI , NEW DELHI -110058
  • Year Established: 1976
  • Contact Person: Astha Ghai Walia
  • Contact No: 011- 25506882

Happy Model School Who We Are

Do you know about Happy Model School? Happy Model School is one of the best schools in Delhi.

Happy Model School was established in 1976. It is an English medium CBSE school.

It is a senior secondary co-educational school. The school provides the students a platform to express themselves.

Happy Model School aim student ensure total personality development and academic excellence to stress upon interactive.

It believes every child carries hidden within him or her possibility of greatest consciousness.

The facilitators are well trained, qualified and experienced. Continuous Professional Development Programmers for facilitators are an integral part of innovation in teaching and learning dynamics in the institution.

Dr. Howard Gardner, the founder of the theory of multiple -intelligence, says that we should also place equal attention on individuals who show gifts in the other types of intelligence like the artists, architects, musicians, naturalists, designers, dancers, therapists, entrepreneurs and others who enrich the world in which we live. The school Principal, Ms. Astha Ghai Walia.

Happy Model School has been giving the best result in the delhi, teaching the Happy Model School students while teaching them to be in discipline.

If you are wanted your skill grow and read of best school (Happy Model School) so please complete fast registration and grow your ability. School information is given.

Address: B2, JANAK PURI, NEW DELHI -110058