HLC International School

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  • Address: Wing Haven Gardens Road, Sholinganallur, Karanai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 603103
  • Year Established: 1995
  • Contact Person: Bindu Vasudevan
  • Contact No: 9962535780

HLC International School Who We Are

Do you know about HLC International School? HLC International School is one of the best schools in Chennai Tamilnadu

Through a number of initiatives, this school strives to enable children to become empathetic, publicly and socially-minded, collaborative, inclusive leaders of tomorrow. This school's primary goal is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources they need to become leaders of tomorrow, and to develop in them a passion to make a positive impact on business and society. An HLC School education is distinctive and carries with it an expectation of a superior education that is meant for leaders of tomorrow.

HLC envisions a future where organizational leaders around the world lead with empathy, public and social mindedness, and a collaborative and inclusive mindset to create a just world where all can thrive.

 The mission of the school is to enable school-going children to become empathetic, socially responsible, skilled, knowledgeable, and inclusive leaders of tomorrow, through compassionate empathy, empathetic processes, and strong organizational capacity

The purpose of the school is for a sustainable world, our society requires the right kinds of leaders. Through our service, we wish to increase the number of leaders who will produce a just, safe, inclusive, and equitable world.

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Address - Wing Haven Gardens Road, Sholinganallur, Karanai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 603103