Laban Bengalee Boys Higher Secondary School - The Best School in Shillong

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  • Address: Streamlet Road, Laban, Shillong-793004
  • Year Established: 1923
  • Contact Person: Dr. (Mrs) Rinku Bhattacharjee
  • Contact No: 0364 222 0928

Laban Bengalee Boys Higher Secondary School Who We Are

Do you know about Laban Bengalee Boys' Higher Secondary School? Laban Bengalee Boys' Higher Secondary School is one of the best schools for students in Shillong Meghalaya. 

Laban Bengalee Boys’ Higher Secondary School, Shillong happens to be not only one of the premier educational institutions of Shillong in particular but also of the Northeast in general. Set in the idyllic surroundings of the hillside stream this institution has been catering to the needs of the student community and the society at large, firmly upholding the motto “Tommoso Ma Jyotir Gamayo” (lead from darkness to light).

The mission of the school is to uphold the motto ‘From ignorance to light’ our mission has been in striding towards the path of creating individuals free from all shackles of negativity, with steps firmly towards the birth of a new young India. To uphold and fulfill to the maximum the potential of each and every child since each child is unique and original.

The school was established in the Laban area with the initiative of some enlightened people in society. In a temporarily attached hut near Laban Batti Bazar; the school began its journey in 1923. In the month of August 1946, it was raised to Laban Bengalee Boys’ High School. Set in the ideal surrounding of a hillside stream in streamlet road, Laban, the school was upgraded and converted to Laban Bengalee Boys’ Higher Secondary School in 1994.

The team at LBBHSS is professional and possesses expertise in individual upbringing. Teachers are given ample opportunities to evolve themselves so that they can mold young minds. The Mantra of the school is “Teams achieve dreams”, to ensure this is only a step forward in the right direction. The team will endlessly strive for a virtuous path of knowledge and growth.

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Address - Streamlet Road, Laban, Shillong-793004