Maheshwari Public School

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  • Address: Mahesh Path, Capt. D.P. Choudhary Marg, Vaishali Nagar Ajmer - 305001 (Raj)
  • Year Established: 1989
  • Contact Person: Dr. R.K. Srivastava
  • Contact No: 145-2641351

Maheshwari Public School Who We Are

Do you know about Maheshwari Public School? Maheshwari Public School is one of the best schools for many CBSE schools in English medium schools.

Maheshwari Public School was established in 1989 under the aegis of Mahesh shikshan sansthan Ajmer. From starting, they had strong roots in CBSE school English medium from all classrooms. It is a co-educational, English medium and sr. sec. institution affiliated to the central board of secondary education (CBSE).

Dr. R.K. Srivastava is the principal of Maheshwari Public School they say that “our institution is particular about discipline and punctuality because these are the essential virtues of a student. i would like to extend my best wishes to all our students, staff, parents and alumni.

Maheshwari Public School some activities like : annual events, celebrations, house activities, community reach, clubs, houses & council, scouts & guides, educational tour, enrichment programs, sports etc.

Some faculty is also available: administration, music, art & craft, library, infirmary & special educator etc.

Maheshwari Public School in an epitome of tenants. Aim is to provide pre- eminent education and positive ethos to our students. We believe in transcending all forms of learning and render perfect environment for the same.

Maheshwari Public School has been giving the best result in the Ajmer, teaching Maheshwari Public School students while teaching them to be in discipline.

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Address: Mahesh Path, Capt. D.P. Choudhary Marg, Vaishali Nagar Ajmer - 305001 (Raj).