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  • Address: Nevta Road, near Mahapura, Narayan-Y-Block, Khatwara, Jaisinghpura, Mahapura, Rajasthan 302026
  • Year Established: 2002
  • Contact Person: nidhi duggal
  • Contact No: 8888888999


Do you know about Orchids The International School? Orchids The International School one of the best chains of CBSE and ICSE Schools in India, Orchids The International Schools.

Orchids The International Schools, located in nevta .it have been shaping minds and touching lives since 2002.

Orchids The International School since the blossoming of our first ORCHIDS in Hyderabad in 2002. at Orchids, learning is joyful because they offer an experiential learning approach.

Orchids empower little minds with various skills and guide them to find their own path. Besides boosting their confidence, we prepare them to be eligible for uncountable opportunities in the world.

ORCHIDS The International School emphasizes the importance of ‘Learning by Doing’. We believe learning should be interesting and practical. Almost every subject has Kits – Maths, Science, Environmental Science, Robotics etc.

Orchids The International School also emphasize a great deal on Safety and Security. In a true International sense, parents can track the performance of their wards through various means such as Online Management Software, SMS alerts, Call Centre facility and periodic visits by teachers.

Some of the Orchids’ outstanding features like - Robotics, Astronomy, Financial Literacy and Horticulture.

Some of the orchid’s outstanding sports likes - Taekwondo, Basketball, Swimming and more.

Some of the orchid’s outstanding creativity likes - Dance, Singing, Music, Filmmaking and Pottery.

Address - Nevta Road, near Mahapura,   Narayan -Y-Block, Khatwara, Jaisinghpura, Mahapura, Rajasthan 302026