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  • Address: Palwas Road, Sikar–332001 (Raj.)
  • Year Established: 1997
  • Contact Person: M. R. agerwal
  • Contact No: 9610632222


Prince School is one of the foremost flourishing institutions in India. It is a co-educational, residential cum day scholar's RBSE school

The constant exceptional board results placed the school among the top leading institutes in India. The school was established in the year 1997 under the aegis of Prince Public School Sanstha. The members of the society include renowned academicians, dexterous administrators, and highly experienced professionals from several prominent fields of medicine, engineering, science & technology, and other associated subjects.

The school is solely devoted to the growth and development of the country by imparting global potential among our young minds. We have high expectations from our students in terms of their academic assurance and their personal traits of respect, tolerance, compassion, moral values & ethics.

Prince School has given three Rajasthan toppers to date. 36 Students have secured their positions in the top 15 merit list. Every year, Prince School consistently achieves the highest possible results. Along with academics, we place a strong emphasis on our students' overall development. The school currently has two campuses in Sikar City.

The school's vision is to empower learners to gain, value, and exhibit skills and attitudes to establish themselves in the modern world and contribute positively to society for mutual growth

The mission of the school is to ensure holistic learning is imparted. Students leave school as peace-loving lifelong self-learners who value honesty, integrity, loyalty, compassion, and prudence. Develop sensitivity and respect for all people and cultures. Cultivate entrepreneurial and social skills.

In addition to studying the students in the school (PRINCE SCHOOL ), we also make them aware of the social environment, our effort is to make the children get good knowledge and become cultured members of their families.

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Address - Palwas Road, Sikar–332001 (Raj.)