Rukmini Devi Public School

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  • Address: Sir Chotu Ram Marg, Sector 4B, Rohini, Delhi, 110085
  • Year Established: 1986
  • Contact Person: Dr. Praveen Gupta
  • Contact No: 011-27047074

Rukmini Devi Public School Who We Are

Do you know about Rukmini Devi Public School? Rukmini Devi Public School one of the best coaching centers for many CBSC School English & Hindi Medium from the classroom,

Rukmini Devi Public School Established in 1986. From starting, they had strong roots in CBSC School English & Hindi Medium from all classrooms.

The director's dream of Rukmini Devi Public School and he wanted "Our school to be the best school center in India, if it grows up, gives consistently good results, then students automatically take school admission." Our dream is to make the best school for every course and students give 100% results in every subject.

If you are wanted your all skill group and read of best School, so please complete fast registration and group your ability. School information is given,

In addition to studying the students in school, we also make them aware of the social environment, our effort is to make the children get good knowledge and become a cultured member of their family.

Rukmini Devi Public School has been giving the best results in the Delhi region, Teaching the Rukmini Devi Public School students while teaching them to be in discipline.

Rukmini Devi Public School The Principal of the school is Dr. Praveen Gupta, this school started in 1986.

Address - Rukmini Devi Public School, Sir Chotu Ram Marg, Sector 4B, Rohini, Delhi, 110085