Seth Tolaram Bafna Academy

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  • Address: Nokha Road Gangashahar, Bikaner-334401(Rajasthan)
  • Year Established: 1994
  • Contact Person: Dr. P.S. Vohra
  • Contact No: 0151227008

Seth Tolaram Bafna Academy Who We Are

Do you know about Seth Tolaram Bafna Academy? Seth Tolaram Bafna Academy is one of the best coaching centers for many CBSC School English & Hindi Mediums from the classroom,

Seth Tolaram Bafna Academy was Established in 1994. From starting, they had strong roots in CBSC School English &Hindi Medium from the classroom. The name of the CEO of the school is Dr. P.S. Vohra and this school  is located at Nokha Road Gangashahar, Bikaner-334401(Rajasthan)

This school is known for its classrooms, campus, study, playground, labs, library, etc. Seth Tolaram Bafna Academy's vision is to put the child at the heart of learning to make them expressive, vigilant, and enthusiastic learners through understanding, knowledge, and skills that can derive innovation to shape a better future for all

In addition to studying the students in the school, we also make them aware of the social environment, our effort is to make the children get good knowledge and become a cultured member of their families.

address- Nokha Road Gangashahar, Bikaner-334401(Rajasthan)