Shastri Bal Vidya Mandir

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  • Address: Railway Station, Street No.1, Rampura, near Lalgarh, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334004
  • Year Established: 1981
  • Contact Person: admision counselor
  • Contact No: 09414582326

Shastri Bal Vidya Mandir Who We Are

Do you know about Shastri Bal Vidya MandirShastri Bal Vidya Mandir is the best school in Bikaner rajasthan

Shastri Bal Vidya Mandir is the best school in Bikaner  Rajasthan that follows the RBSC pattern.

SHASTRI BAL VIDYA MANDIR was established in 1981 and it is managed by the Pvt. Unaided. It is located in an Urban area. It is located in the BIKANER block of the BIKANER district of Rajasthan. The school consists of Grades from 6 to 12. The school is Co-educational and it doesn't have an attached pre-primary section. The school is Not Applicable in nature and is not using the school building as a shift school. Hindi is the medium of instruction in this school.  This school academic session starts in April.

The school has a Private building. It has got 8 classrooms for instructional purposes. All the classrooms are in good condition. It has 2 other rooms for non-teaching activities. The school has a separate room for Head master/Teacher. The school has a Pucca boundary wall. The school has an electric connection. The source of Drinking Water in the school is Tap Water and it is functional. 

The school has a library and has 2546 books in its library. The school has 14 computers for teaching and learning purposes and all are functional. 

Grow up your child with Shastri Bal Vidya Mandir for quality education. Shastri Bal Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. The school has been amongst the top schools in Bikaner. Shastri Bal Vidya Mandir has been providing an enriching engaging and challenging curriculum that prepares our students for taking on challenges and succeeding in careers and life.

If you are wanted your skill to grow and read from the best school (Shastri Bal Vidya Mandir) so please complete fast registration and grow your ability. School information is given.

Address - Railway Station, Street No.1, Rampura, near Lalgarh, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334004