Shri Saraswati English Medium School

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  • Address: At Tirupati Tantra Niketan Premises, Keshav Nagar, Akola, Maharashtra.
  • Year Established: 2016
  • Contact Person: Archana Choudhari-Kale Patil
  • Contact No: 7242489960

Shri Saraswati English Medium School Who We Are

Do you know about Shri Saraswati English Medium School? Shri Saraswati English Medium School is one of the best coaching centers for many CBSC School English & Hindi Mediums from the classroom,

School has been providing a quality education to poor and needy children since last four decades. The founder of society Shri. K. K.Joshi Alias Hon. Kaka saheb was a school teacher, who had an extraordinary vision for the poor and needy children from the rural areas deprived of education. But on the other hand the need for technical education was also a necessity resulted into emergence of Shri Sarawati Education society.

This society is affiliated to Vidya Bharti Sanskruti Shiksha Sansthan and Punrutthan Vidyapith. Following on his footsteps, Daffodils English Medium School strives to create a dynamic learning environment for each student, where they will develop into ethical, responsible and globally conscious citizens. This school believe that the purpose of education is to cultivate all students to develop to their fullest intellectual, social, emotional and physical potential using English language with Indian culture.

This school's aim is to empower the children with proficiency that will lead them to become outstanding observers, explorers, thinkers, great learners as well as sensitive and ethical human beings. The purpose of education is not just scoring marks and employment but more importantly personal fulfillment and self improvement.

The obective of the school is an all-round development of the students through Indian culture with Indian values by using English language as essential part of the academy. It is essential part of educational policy to imbibe the sense of social obligation in them. This is done by concentrating on the child through dedicated and experienced teaching staff and age appropriate yet challenging curriculum.

The mission of the school is to world is becoming highly competitive. It is looking for well developed, skilled and result oriented citizens, rather than those who have degrees just for the sake of it. It is schools purpose to educate each student to his/her maximum potential.

If you are wanted your skill group and read about the best School (Shri Saraswati English Medium School), so please complete fast registration and group your ability. School information is given.

Address - At Tirupati Tantra Niketan Premises,  Keshav Nagar, Akola,  Maharashtra.