St. Anne's High School | Pune Maharashtra | Admission 2023-24

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  • Address: 1998, Convent St, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
  • Year Established: 1860
  • Contact Person: Edward alphonse
  • Contact No: +912026340840

St. Anne's High School Who We Are

Do you know about St. Anne's High SchoolSt. Anne's High School is one of the best schools in Pune Maharashtra.

In the India of today, the pressures of casteism, communalism, poverty, and exploitative structures make it imperative to equip our students, not only with intellectual skills but also with a set of attitudes imbued with social, moral, and spiritual values. This school's commitment to this kind of education is made in order to serve, especially the young and, among them, the poor. It will also seek to conscientize them of their rights, and struggle with them, in the face of ongoing oppression and exploitation. It invites collaborators, students, and parents to work with us in realizing our challenging vision of bringing about a New India.

St. Anne’s High School which has been established by the Provincial Society of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary, Pune, is a Christian Minority Institution, which aims primarily at the education of the Catholic Community and the preservation of the Catholic faith and religious practices. Preference for admission to the school will be given to Catholic children. Admission will, however, be open to children of other communities without distinction of caste or creed.

With the motto “With God for God” the school stands for academic excellence, development of skills, and character- formation, based on the love of God and the service of His people, as modeled on the person of Jesus Christ.

The Principal of the School is the President of the Association. There is one elected parent member for each division of every class and one teacher for each division, on the Working Committee. The elections for the Parent members are held annually.

St. Anne’s High School, situated in Camp Pune, is a Convent English Medium School. It is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra and follows the S.S.C. Board syllabus St. Anne’s High School is a Girl’s School that was established in 1860. There was also the Convent of Jesus and Mary, an Anglo – Indian School. In June 1960, the Convent of Jesus & Mary was amalgamated with St. Anne’s High School. Today St. Anne’s has a strength of 2200+ children.

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Address - 1998, Convent St, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001