Sunderji Institute of Special School-Very femouse school in Pune

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  • Address: Bldg. #8, Vrindavan Society, Shankerseth Rd., Pune, Maharashtra 411037, India
  • Year Established: 2005
  • Contact Person: Rashmi Shah
  • Contact No: 8459390214

Sunderji Institute of Special School Who We Are

Do you know about the Sunderji Institute of Special School? Sunderji Institute of Special School is one of the best coaching centers for many CBSC School English & Hindi Mediums from the classroom,

This school gives utmost importance to the various verticals of parent partnership programs to create a harmonious community where every neurodiverse child along with their parents can be nurtured into a responsible global citizen.

At Sunderji Institute of Special School, we ensure our team maintains a standard of quality by always training the following skills to be able to foster a strong teacher-student bond: Communication skill, Communication skill, Welcoming behavior, Patience, Appropriate work ethic, Organizational skill, Positive discipline skill

Since 2005, its special school has nurtured over two thousand students. For it, each student is ‘Special & Unique’ with immense natural enthusiasm. To nourish this, it neuroscience-backed Kaleidoscope Curriculum focuses on the critical needs of the child & establishing a foundation in a learning environment that is healthy & warm.

Wur special school integrates an extraordinary learning world for all students. it encourages the use of a variety of teaching and learning mythologies fostering a climate in which students discover their best version of themselves, whether it is emotional, mental, or physical

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Address - Bldg. #8, Vrindavan Society, Shankerseth Rd., Pune, Maharashtra 411037, India