VLM Public School

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  • Address: HJQ5+2W3, Vijay Nagar, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001
  • Year Established: 2002
  • Contact Person: Admission Counsellor
  • Contact No: 7891922522

VLM Public School Who We Are

Do you know about VLM Public School? VLM Public School is one of the best schools for kids in Alwar Rajasthan.

VLM Public School was established in 2002. This school is an English medium CBSE co-educational school. VLM School is committed to provide a safe and secure environment where students enjoy learning and recognize their worth, dignity and leadership capacity.

VLM Public School is situated in lush green area in the lap of Ravalli Hills. It covers about 3 acres area with different playgrounds. It aims to provide quality education that blends the quintessence of curricular and co-curricular activities. The School was established by Mr Narendra Mathur in the memory of his wife Mrs. Vijay Laxmi Mathur and started operations in 2001. Today it is one of the fastest growing and progressive schools in Alwar.

School mission is to provide our children with excellent opportunities to probe deeply in the realms of knowledge, to help them blossom into integrated personalities and to develop them as potential human resources of global world. In our relationship with children and young people we are not dealing with mechanical devices that can be quickly repaired, but with living beings that are impressionable, volatile, sensitive, afraid, and affectionate; and to deal with them we have to have great understanding, the strength of patience and love.

VLM Public School has been giving the best results in the Alwar Rajasthan, Teaching VLM Public School students while teaching them to be in discipline.

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Address: HJQ5+2W3, Vijay Nagar, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001