Vruksha international school

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  • Address: 24-25, 12th Cross Ranga Reddy Gardens Neelankarai, Chennai - 600 041
  • Year Established: 1990
  • Contact Person: admission counselor
  • Contact No: 9994851951

Vruksha international school Who We Are

Do you know about Vruksha international school? Vruksha international school is one of the best schools in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu.

At Vruksha, ensure continued Montessori Schooling up to 12th standard by adopting a cluster approach to offer Authentic Montessori Education that takes care of the holistic development of children along with compliance with government statutory guidelines.

This school fosters a positive learning environment with a focus on concepts and hands-on learning as this school has well-developed infrastructure including well-equipped Science laboratories, Math Lab, a Computer Science lab, Home Science Lab, Art and Craft Centre, a well-stocked Library, and Reading Room, Infirmary and two main Halls with all audio-visual facilities.

Rather than limiting the child to isolated academic facts, the Montessori child undertakes a path of holistic development that has an emphasis on social and moral development as well as academics.

This school believes that If all the needs of the child are met at the correct time, the child experiences an unfolding of his true potential, a path that sees the child grow without limitations, leading to a future of opportunity.

Building a unique, well-received Montessori school becomes a good start for bringing up good profits, immense satisfaction, and growth that would move past generations.

The leadership of the school is a team a diverse group of people who came together at Vruksha in the pursuit of a common goal: developing and delivering a great educational experience for children, one that teaches Knowledge for Life.

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Address - 24-25, 12th Cross Ranga Reddy Gardens Neelankarai, Chennai - 600 041