Top Best School in Kota for Admission 2021-22

Kota is an excellent city in Rajasthan for the right education. More and more students arrive at Kota to study. The city has many ample schools for the right education. Every parent wants to get their children into a school that can provide them the right education and focuses on their all-round development.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best school in Kota that you can get your kid into them.

Bansal Public School Kota, Rajasthan

If you are searching for the right school in Kota Rajasthan, then the Bansal Public School Kota is one for your kid. The Bansal Public School Kota provides the best education by conducting extra classes. It is affiliated with CBSE. Before establishing, it was a small education school. Nowadays, it has become more popular due to the publicity of its education system.

Global Public School Kota, Rajasthan

Global Public School Kota is another renowned school that has been providing the best education to kids for few years. Every parent can indulge their child in this as it provides an excellent education with an affordable annual fee. Apart from this, the school has ample facilities including a large playground, well-equipped laboratories, indoor sports facilities, etc.

DAV Public School Kota, Rajasthan

Located in Talwandi, DAV Public School Kota holds a great education for the kids. Every parent can rely on it to get their kids into it. It offers many facilities along with an excellent education. Every year, hundreds of students are chosen for the merit list of talented students by the school management. At present, the admissions for 2021-22 have started.

Modi Public School Kota, Rajasthan

Located at Dadabari Extension Kota, Modi Public School Kota was established by Dr. R.N. Modi. It has a lot of facilities including a large playground, indoor sports facilities, large rooms, and laboratories, etc. Also, it has clay modeling, gymnastics, taekwondo,, music and art groups, and much more. Any parent can choose this school for their kid’s education. At present, the admission process has started for few days. ¬†Every parent can get admission their Kid into it.

Lawrence Mayo Public School Kota Rajasthan

Lawrence Mayo Public School is another best school that is included in the list of biggest schools in Rajasthan. Every parent can rely on it to provide the right study for their kids. It has become a more popular school because of providing excellent education with better facilities. The admission process for 2021-22 has been started by Lawrence Mayo Public School Kota. Anyone can find this school in Kota city of Rajasthan.