UPMSP Board 10th Syllabus 2020 – Download Syllabus Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad 2020

UPMSP Board 10th Syllabus 


Up Board released the board 10th class syllabus 2020 on the official website i.e. upmsp.edu.in for students. The board includes all subjects and major points in the new syllabus of 2020. All students should be the new syllabus and Students must get well versed with the syllabus. This Plan is very helpful for your study. It helps in exam patterns help aspirants to plan and divide time to study, revise & do self-assessment. The Uttar Pradesh Board 10th syllabus 2020 is provided for all subjects – Hindi, English, Computer, Maths, Science, Social Science, Sanskrit, Home Science.

Download Syllabus Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad 2020

Every year 31 lakh Students are registered for UP Board 10th Exam, Around so students must be prepared to examination for best way. according to the UP Board class, 10th exams will be conducted from 18, February to 3, March 2020. The New UP Board changes in the new UPMSP Board 10th Syllabus. So Candidates must be aware of the changes made by the board. By the syllabus improve your study and marks growth.


UP Board 10th Class Exam Pattern


Uttar Pradesh Board will be conducted exam offline mode and changes in the exam pattern. UP Board has conducted the exam in two parts A Exam and B Exam for every Subject. But now this method is change and only one exam will be conducted for each subject. The weightage of the Uttar Pradesh Board of 10th Class here.

(i) 70 marks for the theory exam.
(ii) 30 marks for project work and internal.


Subject-wise UP Board 10th Syllabus


All students are notified and suggested to go through subject-wise UP Board Syllabus for Class 10 so please while preparing for board exams. all information of UP Board 10th Syllabus read the complete article.


Social Science syllabus

Section Unit Topics Marks
Historical and Cultural Heritage 1 Ideological Revolution in the Modern World, Political Revolution, Development of Nationalism and World War 08
2 Modern India, Indian Independence Movement 07
3 Map Work 05
Civil Life 1 Central and state government, Indian judicial system 08
2 internal security of the country & Indian foreign policy, External 07
Environmental Studies 1 Physical environment of India, Physical resources and exploitation 08
2 India moving towards a developed country, Human resource 07
3 Map- work 05
Economic development 1 Problems of the economy, Contribution of agriculture to the Indian economy, Contribution of industries in the Indian economy 09
2 Direction of economic development, Foreign trade 06
Project work 15
Internal monthly test 15

English syllabus

Units Topics Marks
Poetry The Village song by- Sarojini Naidu The Fountain by- James Russell Lowell The Nation Builders by- R. W. Emerson The Psalm of Life by- H. W. Longfellow 07
Prose A Letter to God. by- G. L. Fuentes. The Enchanted Pool. by- C. Rajgopalachari. Our Indian Music – Stories & Anecdote – by- R. Srinivasan. Socrates. by- Rhoda Power. The Ganga. by- P. J. L. Nehru. Torch Bearers. by- W. M. Ryburn. 16
Supplementary Reader The Inventor Who Kept His Promise By Sister Nivedita – The Judgment Seat of Vikramaditya The Greatest Olympic Prize by- Jesse Owens 12
English Grammar Parts of Sentence. The verb. The Sentence Type. Interrogative Sentence. Modal auxiliaries. Negative Sentence. Primary auxiliaries. (Be, Have, Do). The Parts of Speech. Word Formation. Indirect or Reported Speech. The Passive Voice. Tense: Form and Use. Punctuation and Spelling 15
Translation Hindi to English 4
Composition 6

Mathematics syllabus

Unit Topics Marks
Number system representation in the terms of the triangular numbers of continuous/non-recurring decimals, Euclid Partition Theorem, the theorem of the mirrored theorem – Examples of √2, √3, √5 including verification of irrational numbers. 05
Algebra Zodiac of the polynomial Relation between the coefficients and zeros of quadratic polynomials. Statement of – Partition Algorithm for Multipad with Real Coefficients & General Questions on it. Linear Equation Combinations of 2 Variables Linear Equation Combination in 2 variables and Linear Combinations Solved by graphical method. Algebraic method of solving a linear equation pair. Extinction Method Vigilantation Method Replacement Method The equation that can be changed in the pair of linear equations of two variables. 18
Coordinate geometry The concept of coordinate geometry, the graph of linear equations Division formula Extracts formula Area of triangle 05
Geometry Triangle, Circle – Tangent to the circle, touchpoint, Compositions 12
Trigonometry Trigonometric universality, Introduction to trigonometry, Height, and distance 12
Mensuration Dorsal Area and Volume, Circular area 08
Statistics and probability Statistical, Probability 10
Experimental and internal assessment 30

Science syllabus

Unit Topics Marks
Light Reflection, Refraction 10
Impact of electricity and electricity Magnetic effect of the power station, Electricity 15
Chemical Substances – Nature and Behavior Metals and non-metals, Acids, Alkalis, and Salts, Classification of element 10
Organic Chemistry Ability to make carbon compounds, Connectivity of carbon – Characteristics of carbon, Organic compounds, Functional groups (OH-CHO-COOH> CO) homogeneous range, named IUPAC. Organic compounds. 10
Bio World Life processes, The structure of the human body, Regulation and coordination in plants and animals, Tobacco Alcohol and Drugs 15
Genetics and Bio development Human genetics, Principles of Heredity, Origin of life and use of Miller 10
Experimental and internal assessment 30

Computer syllabus

Unit Topics Marks
Computer and communication Primary communication model Types of communication Communications Media, (Wire, Wireless) Simples & Full Duplex Network-LAN and vans Internet 15
Linux operating system Advance Faxes / FEATURE Command Line Interface & Graphic Uses Interface File search, text search Messaging Over LAN (LAN) Text processing command (cat, grape, etc.) Viii text editor Introduction to Linux Desktop Security arrangements and their nature in Linux 10
Binary Semantic and Logic Gates Kits, nibbles, bytes, word length, career representations ASCII Character Codes Simple Binary Arithmetic (Addition, Subtract, Multiply, Partition) Computer Logic, Boolean Operations Logical operators (NOT, &, OR, NOR, NAND, & its Truth table) 10
Advanced programming in C Subscript variables (ARRAYS) introduction Single and Double Subscripted Variables Searching and Surveying 10
Arrays and String Faxes and subroutines Library Functions String Manipulation String functions – Instructions for the mutual conversion of no. & strings) Concatenation (adding desired letters to any word) 15
File operations Using Sequential Files Using Random Files 10
Experimental and internal assessment 30


Preparing of UP Board Class 10th Syllabus how to?


1. First of all, set a daily routine plan and according to this to plan the study.
2. Candidates the prepared of the syllabus later Should the practice of Model Papers.
3. In the examination of NCERT the books of NCERT very important role in this examination because many questions are asked in the exams are from these books
4. Day of the exam Make noted for formulae, theories, and methods for easy practice and revision.


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