Army Public School Bhopal – Admissions to 2020 – 2021 Academic Year


APS School Bhopal


The Army Public School Bhopal, is work in ist new premises with all amenities and which is headquartered in the army. it is located at Dronanchal Neori Hills with its new identity as Army School, Bhopal. it is infrastructure constructed under the Major Works Project of Army. On 25 July 2008 President Central AWWA Mrs. Kirti Kapoor The new building was formally inaugurated. The school offered subjects are Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Physics, and Commerce streams.


Army Public School Bhopal- Admissions to 2020 – 2021 Academic Year




1. The admission test is conducted in February/March every year. Only for classes IX-XII (Admission to class XI would be as per AWES new rules & regulations: A child seeking admission in class- I should have completed five years as on 31st March).

2. Admission to class XI will take place from 1 June 2015 to 15 June 2015. Decision on allocation of streams to students will be taken by 15 June 2015. Therefore all candidates desirous of admission will have to deposit fees for April 2015 to June 2015, in addition to Admission & other charges as for applicable.

3. In case a student does not get admission in the desired stream and seeks to change his school, he/she may do so without payment of fees before 10 July 2015. Those who delay seeking transfer beyond 10 January 2015, will have to pay full fees.

4. The following to be submitted during admission time -:

(a) The Transfer certificate of the last school attended countersigned by DEO.

(b) Photocopy of progress report of the previous school.

(c) Parents transfer order for Class X & XII students.

(d) Registration card in case of admission in Class X and XII.


School Rules


(1). School students are required to attend the school assembly and
observe order and decorum befitting the occasion.

(2). The Principal will be available to visitors during the school hours on working days. It is advised that the visitors may kindly take a prior appointment for any discussion with the Principal.

(3). Repeated absence without valid reason shall make lead to disciplinary action.

(4). Observance of rules of discipline and good behavior is a condition essential for school students indulging in activities such as stealing and indiscipline shall be discharged from the school. in such cases, the final decision of the Principal shall be counted.

(5). A student who is late will not be allowed to enter the class without the permission of the Principal.

(6). Pupil suffering from infectious/contagious disease shall not be permitted to attend the APS school. A candidate returning to the school after an infectious disease should produce a fitness certificate from M.H./ Medical Specialist.

(7). A student who does not observe/comply with school regulations/rules will be strictly dealt with.

(8). No child will be permitted to leave school during school hours.

(9). The school is not responsible for the loss of goods. Students are advised not to bring valuables or cash to the school and in case of loss, the school shall not be responsible for the same.

(10). The school will observe gazetted holidays as declared by Govt. of India & the restricted holidays by the discretion of the Management/Principal. Any holidays declared by Govt. of India on TV or News Paper will be observed as a holiday.


FEE STRUCTURE –: Click the link and know about the school fee Structure (FEE STRUCTURE).


Academic Improvement Steps


1. Establishment of Academic Coordination Cell
2. Regular Monitoring system
3. Periodic tests
4. Extra classes
5. Faculty Development Program
6. Feedback from students, teachers
7. Special PTM on the last working day of the month.
8. Surprise visit to classroom
9. Random checking of class notebooks


Courses/Streams Offered -:


# Classes 1 to 5 – English, Hindi, EVS, Mathematics, Value Education, General Knowledge, Computer, Music, Game, Dance.

# Classes 6 to 8 – English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, General Science, Value Education, General Knowledge, Computer Education, Music, Games, Sanskrit, Dance, Physical Education, Art Education, Work Education.

# Classes 9 to 10 – English, Hindi / Sanskrit, Mathematics, Social Science, General Science, Computer Education, Games, Music, Dance, Physical Education, Art Education, Work Education.

# Classes 11 to 12 – Combination of Subjects in Class XI to XII (click here and know)


How to reach the Army Public School Bhopal (Where is Army Public School Bhopal ) – The army school of the Bhopal is available in Army Public School, Dronachal, Neori Hills, PO: Motilal Nehru Nagar, Airport Road, Bhopal, MP – 462 038, India. visit the APS school going with any transports.

Contact Person: Admissions Phone Number: (0755) 2970386, (0755) 2970388, Email:,, Address: Army Public School, Dronachal, Neori Hills, PO: Motilal Nehru Nagar, Airport Road, Bhopal, MP – 462 038, India

Facilities: Advanced Computer Labs, Automated Library, Modern Science Labs, Auditorium, Art & Craft Room, eugenics, Fully Smart Class, Games Room, etc.


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